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Build A Patio Garden

Patio gardens are an easy way to grow your own herbs and vegetables without an overwhelming commitment to a full time garden. It’s that time of year where seeds can be started indoors - but you can be planning their outdoor home now as well!

Everything you need to provide a patio garden can be bought in one stop! Gardening soil, containers, and seeds, along with the right professional to guide you - makes for the best DIY shopping trip yet!

When considering vegetables - you can use about any gardening container available. You can purchase your own trellis or build your own with lathe. A lot of trellis are repurposed items from around your home. Tomatoes, peas, and cucumbers definitely need support for climbing. But doesn’t just one tomato or cucumber plant you can water at your leisure out your backdoor sound so much less overwhelming than a full garden?

HERBS! It’s gotten pretty trendy to plant and grow your own herbs - what better place to do it than out the back door? You can buy pots ranging from small to large for these. Let your local specialist help you pick which herbs are hardiest and desirable for your taste palate - and get those growing!

Pots don’t necessarily have to be on the ground, either. You can attach your pots to your decking or fencing walls for extra decorating appeal! Just ask which hardware is best for your size and weight of pot and the proper parts can be provided.

The beauty of a patio garden - is, in case of inclement weather of all kinds, potted garden plants can be brought in doors without damage to their growth. Start small and see where your new hobby can take you!


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