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Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Whether you love or hate spring cleaning - it is definitely a season that is necessary. The cabin fever starts to give us all that itch to clear out all that we accumulate over winter. We usually clean out our house, but what about our home’s exterior and/or yard? Here are a few suggestions to get your curb appeal ready for spring and summer!

April showers bring May flowers - but they can also bring flooding if your gutters are not adequately cleaned out and ready to function properly. Gutters are meant to push rainwater away from the foundation of your home (especially if you have a basement). You can purchase really cool wand attachments for your garden hose to easily clean out built up leaves in your gutters, all of which you can find from True Value. Traditional methods of gutter cleanout work great, too (think ladder and manual labor) You can easily purchase all the necessary tools for gutter cleaning and accomplish the job in an afternoon.

Another important spring cleaning must is having your lawn power raked and aerated. You can rent the equipment and do it yourself right here at True Value. Power raking removes dead dead grass and unwanted debris - and gives your grass the opportunity to flourish quicker instead of suffocate. Aeration allows for moisture to penetrate the surface quicker and deeper, giving you luscious green lawn. Then - you can purchase fertilizer and weed killer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs for a successful summer.

After taking care of your lawn, it is imperative to have any mature trees and bushes pruned back. Depending on the size of the job, you can buy shears and/or tree pruners. Properly pruning your foliage improves its health and overall life. While you're at it, turn your irrigation sprinklers on and check for any leaks, broken heads, and adjustments that may need to be made. Replacement parts are incredibly easy to find and purchase to get your water working properly

One seriously overlooked outdoor spring cleaning item is opening the foundation vents on your home. This allows for air to enter your crawl space and inhibits mold growth from moisture that could have accumulated over the winter months. You should also do a quick crawl space check to make sure your space is mold free. Making sure you don’t have any leaks or excess moisture can save you thousands in restoration issues down the road. Plumbing leaks should be addressed immediately!

Outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance doesn’t have to be a nightmare - let your friendly professional guide you on the necessary purchases to help you accomplish your tasks easily!


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