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Which one is better??

Home owners have several choices when it comes to cutting their grass when deciding between cordless, gas, or electric lawn mowers. What should you factor into when deciding what type of mower to purchase?

Corded electric lawn mowers are lightweight, and easy to push and maneuver. They are cost efficient when considering their purchase price and the absence of gas and battery costs. The cons of using a corded electric lawn mower is it has a limited range due to the cord length as well as a cord can be a hazard/liability.

Battery powered lawn mowers are very similar to electric lawnmowers. In addition, they are quiet, have minimal maintenance, and are considered economically sustainable. The downside is the battery life as well as less power.

Gas powered lawn mowers have the longest run time, are more durable, and have the most power. Depending on your lawn size - a gas powered lawn mower might get the job done better if you have a large area to mow. However, it’s important to realize that gas powered lawn mowers require several different lubricants to operate as well as routine maintenance. They also cost more up front as well as have the ongoing costs of gas. Gas powered lawn mowers are also the loudest out of the three options.

Bottom line—choosing between a gas or electric mower isn’t hard. As you consider your options, let the size and condition of the lawn you need to maintain and the qualities that are important to you guide the way. You can base your decision off your mowing style, size of property and budget pretty easily!


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